8 Şubat 2009 Pazar

race illustration matte paint car illustration kazım doku

time:the cars which are goes on the ground and the place which is not used flamable fuel.because of this fuel is cheap.place:an old factory which is abandoned.dusty atmosphere(life units are on the uppersurface because of this dusts are collecting o down surface)natural life source and artificial light source and giant lightings.purpose:transforming an unused factory to a raceway.this is the place where Racers,designers and engineers comes together and builds ground cars and the place where they race.result:regeneration of dead factory.Especially the vehicle which is in front of and made from scrap and finished and the spectacular feeling because offirst work.
photoshopta hazırladığım bir gelecekte olduğunu varsaydğım yarış sahnesi.
race sketch

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